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Re: 1954 Studebaker Conestoga

Awesome to hear about your car. That Guy Dennis Gage did a segment on my car in 2000. He used some shots of him and my stude for PR shots.

I believe you when you say people walk by the high dollar cars to check out you stude. same here.

My Conestoga was bought in "54" by my great grandfather. In 1972 it was sold to an uncle. The uncle sold it in 1974. When my Great grandfather passed in 1975 I found the original sales order in some pictures. I keep it. I attended car shows and asked if anyone had ever seen the car. No luck. in 1998 a friend called my Grandmother and told her he had seen her father in laws Studebaker and it was for sale. We tracked her down and bought her. 2 years later she was a dream come true.

Check out this web site.
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