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Re: 1954 Studebaker Conestoga

All I can say is WOW!(how original!) I have always loved Conestogas since I saw a photo of a 54 2-tone blue with Chrysler 300 Wires on a car calendar. Sometime later I picked up a 55 Commander 2dr htp and did a frame off. (I couldn't find a 53 or 54 ) I still have it and in any given car show situation I like to stand around and pretend it's not mine and listen to the comments of the passers-by. Most of my car buddies have High Buck (100,000) Hot rods and people will walk by them and stop by that old Studie and go over it from end to end with all kinds of positive comments. Last year I went to a "Good Guys " event in Puyallup Wash. and there was a lineup for most of the afternoon of people wanting to B.S. about that car. It ended up with Chris Morrison (son of Art Morisson ,the chassis builders) and his wife sitting in the car dreaming of the day her 54 would be ready.(Chris was building her a new hi-tech chassis of course)Later that year at a show and shine in Parksville near here that Dennis Cage guy from My Classic Car used it in his T.V. show as he's a real Stude fan.I guess what I' m getting at is that for whatever reason people in general seem to like em, and that's cool!I hope you got your fender bender fixed up OK - That must have been a heart- breaker....Thanks- Dave Russell
What a hoot!!! I just went back and looked at ALL the photos and guess who! That guy really gets around !!! I should see if my son the computer whiz can post some pics of D.C. and my 55.
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