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been there done that

hey man i'v actually got a 79 chev 1/2 with a small block chevy twin turbo. runs 12 sec in the 1/4 mile. its very easy to do. i am pretty much the only guy that anyone has seen doo it by the sounds of it. i'v been having so much fun with it i figured y not share with you what i did. its basically a stock 350 i found 2 slightly used trubos from older 6.5 L gm deisel engines from there i mounted them on a flange from the inner fender well one on each side then made a box with 2 inlet ports out of aluminum that bolted on the carb. then just run tubing to the turbo from the carb. for the exhaust i had an older set of headman headers which are basically mount backwards and upside down modified them slightly and welded on a flange then bolts to the turbo. then run exhaust pipe down out of the turbo into ur mufflers. then use the oil outlet for ur oil pressure sending unit t the line one to each turbo and have a line that returns oil back to the oil pan. then i just have a cone type air filter on each turbo. i have had it built and it works amazing the other thing u don't wanna forget is dump valves to limit the amount of boost i'm running 6 lbs from each turbo is nice tame truck to drive on the streets and it still pulls hard and its only a minor adjustment if u want more boost. my engine has 85 000 kms on it and it still runs and performs as well as the day i got it running well good luck and hopefully u get it all figured out
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