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Official Metro Parts Mail Order list

I am always looking for "parts"

I have a few places in my "Bookmarks" to order used Geo Metro parts from.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a really, really big list of such places to order from
while on the Internet?

If you know of any reputable Web Sites to inquire and then order from, please
add a post to this thread with the name and link.

Please go to the link you have, to check and to see if it still works.

Highlight the link on the address bar of your browser and press ctrl-C.

Put the cursor into your Post and press ctrl-V to paste it in on a line by itself.

This will help all of us find parts and also get the best prices.

If you get cheated, put it on this thread and we'll teach them a lesson!


Here are some I have: (Note:I will add to / update this list as time goes on.)

Metro and Swift Performance Parts

Team Swift

Turbo parts

John's Foreign Engines & Parts


Parts Web Search by State

Irene's in Seattle - I bought from her and no problem!

Rock Auto

Auto Parts

Used Parts Central

Used Parts Live

Transmission Exchange

Here is a man who repairs ECM (Vehicle's Computer) for $50 3 day turnaround in Mississippi.....

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