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1997 Vision Timing Belt potentially gone bad NEED HELP

I need to know if the 1997 3.5L v6 is interference or zero clearance or whatever the case may be, ive read that users on this forum have replaced their 94/ 95 timing belts with the 3.5L motor. Im about 90% sure its the belt - i have no compression also and im hoping that its the timing belt otherwise im without a car and job lol. Please someone help me with this problem...

my car's temp went almost to the red line above the H on the temp guage - i pulled over and shut her off... my dad came and we put coolant in, i cranked it 3 times and she started drove about a quarter mile on the back roads and the temp climbed steadily... pulled onto a side street and AAA towed me home. an hour later tried to start it with no avail. she just spun up; i was told by a friend who looked at it that there was no compression in the cylinders (under the spark plug) and told me my car was junk!!!! please help!!!

any info at all good or bad would be appreciated greatly
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