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Re: Re: Which of these subs would you get?

[quote=AndonD454]I think most of the people here are going to suggest you go with 1 15" RE Audio XXX or Adire Brahma....

LMAO, that is exactly right, you won't get very far without hearing the names Resonant Engineering and/or Adire Audio. Not tryin to put you guys down at all, I just think it's hilarious that you guys always recommend those 2 brands as if you were reps for them, and now people are noticing. But yea, anyhow, they're good, get a 15" it'll sound tight.
Sub: 1 15" Digital Designs 9500 in a slot ported box with 6 cubes
Sub Amp: Autotek MX-3000.1
Component Amp: 300 watt Pioneer
Headunit: Alpine CDA-9831
Speakers: 5.25 Sony's and 6x9 Pioneer's(Both of which need to be replaced so give me some suggestions)
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