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Re: I need a new DRL Relay Prt#38660-61B01

Originally Posted by Nipsco View Post
I have a 96 Tracker 4x4, just spent $5,500 on total engine rebuild, clucth, ECM, radiator, brakes, 4WD front hubs, speedo cable, battery, etc. pretty much everything. I go to pick it up and the headlights don't work, the high beams do, but no low beam. Of course the mech, wants it back in his shop!! No thanks, I know I need a relay, when you l-t go of the emergency Brake the relay turns on DRL's. Part # on relay is 38660-61B01 / G8D-98S OMRON Made in Japan 0126D3
I had an issue with my 96 that the lights would not come on and found out that the emergency brake was ingaged and that makes the lights turn off as well so check the switch in the had brake as well
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