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Problem with Lexus RX 330

Bought a salvage 2004 Lexus RX 330. During the accident the back left wheel practically fell off. Also one of the side airbags blew off. The damage has been repaired, the back shock-absorber, all tire rods, CV joint with driveshaft, etc. have been replaced. The car is able to run but the VSC, the Check Engine and Airbag lights are on. The main problem is that the engine starts but the tachometre shows that it doesn't go more than 1900-2000 RPM. When I ground the gas pedal the car travels very slowly. Why is this happening & how can I fix this?
P.S. - I tried taking out the battery & recharging the car's computer but it didn't work.
Sorry if my english isn't very good, I'm not an english-speaking person.
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