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Re: Oil Consumption: Answer this and you’ll be the man!

Originally Posted by G.A.S.
I am woundering if the .020 movement is the culpret. even with new valve seals oil could bypass these. expecially if there is a moderate volume of pressure within the crankcase. I know it is not blowing out the dipstick but if you have a carbon buildup within the intake chamber that tells me oil is getting in that area somehow and the most logical place would be the intake valve/exhaust guides. I mean, how else is any build up of carbon going to get into that intake chamber arround the seat of the valve?
just a thought.
You may be right, I dont know enough about the nature of a small eng. like this,on a large V8 that would be nothing I keep thinking that it could be that .020 I am not sure so dont know what to do yet.
The oil build on the intake valves was an indacator of what the problum was, so this is why I replaced the oil seals and decarbonized all parts. But after starting it back up the smoke was still as bad. So I figured that it was oil build up in the exost systom left over from before. So I drove the car and ran it hard. It will not stop smoking, it is not a build up in the exost causing it. Have checked well for blow by; I removed the PVC hose where it enters the valve cover, and there is nothing at all coming out, No blow by at all!!
Thank you for your time!
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