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Re: Re: Looking at Geo Trackers, general questions, mileage etc...

Originally Posted by coopdavillage
sorry i couldnt resist that i do have a question though does anyone know of a good clutch cable (brand) to buy when mine broke i went after market and that one broke within a year and im afraid my other one is going to follow soon. any suggestions? also any real good parts sites for performance upgrades i checked out the ones posted a couple weeks ago but they were pretty much crap from what i saw.
about the clutch cable, i know what you are talking about. I broke one right after i bought it 6 years ago, then i have replaced it about every year since then. Each time i changed brand. I did find though that the first mount that holds the cable in the engine compartment is too high for aftermarkets, it kind of binds them up, Try to drop that mount down. trust me it makes a world of difference.
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