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Re: 87 dodge ram 250 died on me any help?

Check diagnostic codes :
Check fuel pump relay./ ASD (auto shut down) relay
Check for spark...
Check for fuel if you have spark.
check distributor for no/erratic rotation (broken timing chain)
could be:

Timing chain
Fuel pump (even if it's mechanical, but in '87 should be TBI and SMEC controlled)
fuse links (the little barrels beneath the hood hinge in the wiring harness)
ECM fuse? (In the fuse box under steering column)
MAintenence reminder? (behind the glove box, to the right under the A/C vent (if you have A/C) pull the battery and install new 9v battery and reset by pushing a toothpick in the little hole and push down)

Ignition circuit voltage(s) can be tested (to be sure it works) by checking the RED and PINK wires on the steering column ignition switch connector (left side of steering column, bend clip down to loosen the harness. Both should read 12-13V with ignition ON.

There are some other possibilities, but let me know where you've gotten...

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