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Re: 97 Stock Rims (how wide/large can I go?)

No insults , actually no im not very versed on tire sizes, i know what I like tho (a wider footprint) height wise I dont like those super low profile tires (on stock rims) and I do like these rims, just want to add a thicker footprint (tread width to me =the part on the ground right?)

these look thin and wimpy on this car (they are 195/70/R15s) to give you an idea my other car is an impala ss with big fat wide tires (255's i think), nothing that drastic needed here just somewhere in the middle, and i dont want them to look all pimped out and super low profile (side height) like you see on all these teenagers cars...

Just a thicker beefy tread.. (hope that makes sense), I will ask the tire guys at northwest tire or discount tire if they have a book or something that can tell me what size I can go to max for this car, I dont wanna wear the front end out or cause rubbing damage but would like a thicker tread on the ground (and the tires are shot anyways).

I was
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