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Re: 97 Stock Rims (how wide/large can I go?)

I had a 93 and an 86, with 225/75 R15 on the rim, they didn't rub at all on either vehicle. I even think I would have had room for 245's. One thing you want to watch is the profile, when you go wider, adjust the height; if you go too tall then your gas mileage will suffer. On the 86, mileage went from almost 25 down to about 17mpg on the highway.

You know about tire size, right? 205/75 R 15 is 205mm tread width, sidewall height is 75% of tread and 15" rim. So you'll have to do the math to make the 245 approximately the same height.

(no intention to be insulting if you already knew)
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