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Revell Ferrari 308 GTB 1:24

...and another one gets dusted off.

Original WIP here.

After much messing around with the body, I finally gave up and called it done when it was still full of problems.

You can just about see it but sometime between me fixing on the 288GTO bonnet and me finishing up the painting, it had "curled" up slightly and the nose now sits at a 1 degree angle from the horizontal.
Follow the black body line and you'll see it.
I've tried my best to hide it by careful photography but every now and then, it rears its head in some shots.
Also, once I re-trimmed the window frames, the squished look has come back a bit which means I hadn't taken off enough material.
Could be though, that I need to paint the lower rocker panels black as they did on the real cars.

Two shots to show the effect of my using a polariser.

Position 1.

Position 2.

Not that brilliant a demonstration but you can that the adjusted position meant I had some reflection on the bonnet of the car.

Position 1.

Position 2.

For those that can, try it.

I really liked this kit.
Some of that is probably down to it being one of the first OOP kits that I tracked down.
Part of it is probably down to it having an engine.
With that said, I know that there are some areas of the kit that are pretty shoddy.
Suspension details are mediocre.
No brakes.
Molded solid grills/gills/vents.
Bad clear parts - especially the rear lights that are the same smoked plastic as the window parts which makes painting them the correct colour impossible.
Incorrect rear glass detail.
But the attempted full detail kinda makes up for it, especially when you can scavange from the Hasegawa 328 kit for more accurate parts.



With "Big Little Brother".

A fun pair.

Set of three showing effect of Polariser positions again.

A pair to try and show you the size difference between the two.

In case I never mentioned it elsewhere, the 288GTO was painted Tamiya TS-08 (Italian Red) over white primer and the 308GTB was Humbrol (New Formula) Ferrari Red.
You can see here (and in the others) that the Humbrol colour has that orange tinge to it that better represents the older Rosso Corsa of the 70s compared to TS-08.
AF's Guidelines

Read them.


Currently in the process of re-hosting my photos.
If any go missing, drop me a PM.

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