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2010 Malibu timing chain nightmare. I'm stumped

I'm new to this forum. My name is James.
I traded for this car with a timing chain problem.
So, to spare me a half hour of typing again, please follow my link to a video I recently uploaded of my timing chain issue.
Mind you, I'm pretty much that ls guy, so dohc motors are new to me with the variable valve timing motors.

Ease read the entire description.
I've been driving g the car as is with this issue for about two weeks now.

Still no codes. The one and only time I've ever wanted my vehicle to throw a code. Even when I traded for it, it had no codes and no stored codes, somehow this chain has not jumped time and yet I still have slack between both cams, no matter what I do, I've had this apart three times now and see no issue. I'm wondering if it is somehow a cam phaser and or vvt solenoids or a combination of the both is what I'm assuming. I'm stumped.

Here's the link to video.
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