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ETC light on, won't start.

2008 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L 250,000Miles (old compnay van, been rode hard and put away wet)

started having P0305 #5 Misfire code.
changed plugs, no change, ran like 3 legged dog.
went to try plug wire, but they didn't have any. put new coil pack on and still #5 misfire running horrible. Driving to next parts store to get plug wires, ETC starts flashing, then solid. Cresting a hill it looses all power and dies..

Have it towed back to the office, was going to look at ETC and when I took the intake hose off water came out. took off ETC and puddle of water. looks kinda rusty. (no this van isn't from Houston, and didn't go mudding in it. That's next weekend)

this is my first time working on Dodge 3.3 don't know why there would be water up there.
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