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Re: Now it also humiliates the McLaren F1 at the Ring

Since hte moderators of the McLare nF1 forums need to answer and THEN lock the post I have to reply here to this:

Before I lock this - two things.

* There is no official lap time for the McLaren F1 around the Nürburgring anyway.
* Numbers don't make the Koenigsegg a better car than the F1. They just make it look prettier on paper.

Yes it does. A better lap tiem on the Ring makes it a better sportscar. That is the most demanding track there is anywhere in the world.

You F1 guys are funny: first it was that it was not fast enough. Then Koenigsegg beat the F1. Then the word was that the F1 was better on the track. Now that is not important. You guys are starting to sounds as arrogant as you master, Gordon M himself
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