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Re: Trans Codes P0743, P0753, P1765

Originally Posted by trannyman52
first things first,,,why is the battery going dead ???? is the battery bad??? are you getting a "check engine " light ????
THEN a live data test to check the turbine input and vss ///
if these don't work,, the trans will fault to "take home" 3rd gear
I bought a new battery, installed it, and still have the same problems. I am getting the check engine light; I should have stated that in the earlier post. That was part of my reasoning for taking it to the dealership.

Live data test? When I took the truck back to the dealership the second time, they kept if for 1-1/2 days and checked the wiring to/from the alternator and I assume they checked the wires to/from the PCM. That was when they said the PCM was bad, and then I replaced it.

How and where do I check for turbine input and vss?
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