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2002 town car intermittent misfire

Ok gents, I have an 02 town car with 123k miles, Im the 2nd owner and have 100% of all service records back to the bill of sale. The only thing on it that isnt from Ford are the NGK plugs and ENA coils I just put on it to try and eliminate this issue. Last week I started getting a VERY noticeable miss while driving, bad enough my service engine light was flashing occasionally. The plugs and coils had never been replaced so I figured that was most likely it. The car ran perfectly for 1 day afterwards and I thought the issue was done, then the next day I had a couple misses when cold but cleared up with it warmed up, now today I have misses again all across the temp range and in all gears. It worse when the car is under more of a load, like going up hill, or when I have to slow down and then accelerate again but I can tell the car is still in a higher gear and the rpms are low. I have no CEL/SEL codes right now but I did do a Mode 6 scan and came up with some issues but I have no idea the meaning or translation of them since they are in hexdec. Ill include them with what little info I have about them in case someone has the ability to translate them.
As for any other maintenance/parts in relation to the fuel system: fuel pump and filter replaced 15k miles ago with ford parts by ford.
Does the ECU need to be reset after new coils are installed? Could it be that simple?

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Mode 6 info:
CID: 00
MIN: 0x8A00
Val: 0x00
Max: -
Phase 4 Vapor generation maximum absolute pressure rise and max threshold

CID: 00
Min 0x8700
Val: 0x00
Max: -
Phase 4 Vapor generation maximum change in pressure and max threshold

TID: 55
CID: 00
Min -
Val: 0x2F1
Max: 0x28F
Highest emission-threshold misfire and emission threshold misfire rate (updated when DTC set or clears)

TID: 56
CID: 00
Min -
Val: 0x4FFF
Max: 0xFA0
Cylinder events tested and number of events required for a 1000 rev test
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