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Re: "97 Ram Wont Idle

its the computer component on the back of the throttle body, above the distributor. 2 torx head screws and you can remove them, spray with cleaner to get all the carbon off of it and it should work fine. do not, and i repeat do not mess with the spring assembly on it, other than spraying cleaner on it. if you need to, gently scrub the metal on the end of the IAC to get the burnt carbon off of it. also remember to clean the port out where the IAC lives.

along these lines, it dosent hurt, and is easy to remove the whole throttle body and clean it, especially the bores where the throttle plates are. use a soft rag, or really soft toothbrush to get in there, but never use anything that scratches like sandpaper or metal bristle brushes. whole process takes maybe an hour from removal to reintall.
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