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You are most welcome! Rest assured, I am by no means a seasoned pro when it comes to tuning..I have done a lot of comparison shopping and listening to other peoples' posts - easiest way to learn is to pay attention and read everything you can, as well as ask questions if you don't know something... It's the way we all learn this stuff.

The anti-roll kit prevents the car's chassis from flexing when turning sharp corners, etc. It's basically 2 metal bars that (easily) attach underneath the car to reinforce the flex points and make the structure more rigid. In a very general sense, kinda like a strut bar for the frame...

The tires I spoke of are low profile, wider, sport wheels on a rim that is 3" larger in diameter than stock. With the lowering kit and the shocks I spoke of, I am expecting drastic improvements in the looks/feel/cornering ability/rigidity of the car. I'll let you know as things progress, and if I have any troubles for you to look out for. If not, I just dropped a ****load of money for no reason.

If anyone else out there has opinions or guidance concerning my future setup, please speak up and let me know of any issues that I may be unaware of (like the need for camber kits, or the like)...
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