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Re: Build your own car from SCRATCH?!

I've started building a removable hardtop for the La Bala. It is a 3-piece design with a permanently mounted rollbar center section, a hinged and removable front section, and a side panels piece that attaches to the rear clamshell. That hinges open with the rear clamshell to access the engine compartment and rear suspension adjustments.

Here is a youtube video showing my progress:
NOTICE: This video is hosted at . If the video does not play, wait a minute or try again later.

Adding the hardtop option along with my new lambo doors option (that is also in development) means that the car can have a/c and a heater and will be weatherproof for all season driving.

I now have builders in California, Utah, Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Australia, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, and more! 3 cars are finished, one all electric, one Toyota powered and one Ecotec SS powered. And a host of others are under construction. Check out the next issue of Kit Car Builder Magazine...

I would welcome anyone in the Phoenix area that wants to see my car to contact me, and if the weather conditions are good we can go for a drive. You can see for yourself that this car is as fast as any Vette or Porsche, more comfortable in ride quality than a Viper and total blast to drive. It snaps necks both in and out of the car.

I'm building the car of my dreams...
La Bala - A Lightweight Sports Car for Street and Track
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