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Re: Build your own car from SCRATCH?!

Hey guys, just a quick update: I've been driving the car a lot and it just never stops being fun! I'm glad it's got a windshield cause otherwise I'd have bugs in my teeth!

I am in the process of creating DOORS right now and they will hinge up like Lambo doors. I want to make them hinge up and butterfly out like the McLaren Supercar, but I also want the hinge and door assy to be simple and lightweight, so we'll just have to wait and see. I'll post some photos of my door progress in a while.

In the meantime I made some really cool artwork using photoshop and airbrush technique and am having a limited production run of black 100% cotton T-Shirts made. The artwork below is 15" wide across the front of the Tee. If you like my car I suggest that you buy one! They are made with 10 screen process and the quality is superb so they are a steal at $15.99. or click on the image.


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