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Which model kit manufacturer is good for beginners?
A question with many answers, especially as the choices in model cars is so large! If you like NASCAR then only Revell will do, as no one else makes them. If you like Japanese Touring cars then only Tamiya will do and so on and so forth!
But if you are flexible and are looking for a kit just to break you into the hobby, then us guys will say go for a Tamiya! If you have never used decals before DONíT go and buy the brightest, multi-coloured, ultra winged Race beast you see as it will dishearten you! Go for a single colour road car, preferably without an engine! (Fiddly!)
We say Tamiya as the part fit is perfect, the instructions very clear (Though I have noticed omissions!) and the subjects are inspiring! The two Skylines, the WRX STi, the S2000 and the WRC Subaru in my gallery are all good starting kits.
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