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Re: Squeaking sound from brake pads

There's no good single answer to this question.

1. You may have used less expensive brake pads that have a very hard compound. This isn't an answer in itself, but higher quality brake pads (I like Wagner premium pads myself) are less likely to make noise.
2. Did you use the special high-temperature grease that's available to put on the caliper 'slides' (in SMALL amounts!!)? This can make a big difference in quieting brake noise.
3. Some pads don't come with new 'anti-rattle' clips or stick-on insulators. These thin metal or composite 'shims' go behind the pads on one or both sides. They put just enough tension on the pad to keep it from vibrating in the 'slides' when the caliper piston moves. You can ask your auto-parts store counter person if these are available for your car.
4. You may have to end up using a product like CRC's "Disc Brake Quiet" to coat the back side of the brake pads. I'm not a big fan of products like this, but as a last resort, it may fix your problem.

For an in-depth article about why brakes make noise, use this link:
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