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Upgraded 4 Port CVT Transmission Oil Cooler P/N?

So I have a 2014 Nissan Rogue Select and want to install the upgraded 4 port CVT transmission oil cooler . This mod is to fix the problem with the CVT transmission getting too hot and going into the limp mode . This has happened several times on long trips where I am driving 10 hours a day. When it gets to hot it goes into the limp mode and looses power and the vehicle starts driving slower and slower. I would change out the transmission oil with what it was called for and by this time everything had cooled down so I had no problems with the transmission getting back up to speed as needed . I have searched the net and found an upgraded 4 port CVT transmission oil cooler & small radiator combination that can be installed to address this issue.They are pretty inexpensive and usually no more than a couple hundred dollars for everything. However I cannot find an upgraded 4 port CVT transmission oil cooler for my year Rogue Select. I called Nissan and ran some of these things by them . They said there is a kit they can sell me for my make and model for $800 dollars ! Oh and they said the kit does not break down a specific P/N for the upgraded 4 port cooler, it's just a kit part number ,that comes also with the small radiator . I would appreciate if anyone know the specific P/N for the 2014 Rogue Select AWD upgraded 4 port CVT transmission oil cooler ? Nissan should have done a recall on this issue but never did . I have 120,000 miles so no warranty help there...
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