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Re: 2009 Avenger SE 2.4L - Sudden problems starting.

Thanks for your reply.

Well, the puffs of smoke and the smell stopped with the new starter.

Double checked the starter cables, everything looks solid.. no sign of melted wire casings, bubbles in connectors, or anything out of shape..

the spark plugs are definitely worn..
While definitely a problem I'm not convinced that's the main issue here.

I tried turning it over with a spark plug out to see if it would free up some pressure, maybe help something turn easier. No difference at all.
I took a little video of it trying to turn over... its a sad display:

I can see the piston moving up and down (super slowly of course) when looking in the empty spark plug socket. so I know the engine is cranking.. just super slowly.

I tested all the spark plugs with the DMM outside the vehicle, the lowest was 5,800 ohm and the highest was 7000 ohm. Then I made sure I was getting spark physically by testing cylinder 1 spark plug with the coil attached, connecting it to some metal under the hood. We're good there.

I tested my fuel injectors with the DMM on the ohm setting as well.. they're all very close in readout. nothing standing out to me as faulty.

I cant find any bad fuses...

I figure if I had a bad battery it would still start with a jump right? If it was a bad alternator, same story, should still start with a jump, right??

I don't have a compression tester that will reach the spark plug socket right now so I cant check that yet...

Could it be my timing belt? I'm so lost..
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