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Question 2009 Avenger SE 2.4L - Sudden problems starting.

Hello vehicle enthusiasts,

Yesterday morning I moved my vehicle to let someone else out of the driveway. Started no problem, no unusual noises, everything seemed fine. I left the car running as I was planning to leave for work in 10 mins and it was kind of chilly out before the sun came up. When I returned to the vehicle to leave for work I found it off, radio still playing music and the vents still blowing air. I tried to restart it and it attempted to turn over for ~20sec (normally only cranks 3 times before starting) and then the electricity faded out completely. I try again and it does less this time. The third time it barely turned over once before all dash lights go out momentarily and then come back on. At this point I'm thinking dead battery.. Weird because I haven't noticed any other issues with anything electric aside from intermittent passenger window control.

I tried to jump start and it gave more of an attempt to start but still no luck. Had my girlfriend try and start it while I stuck my head under the hood and now I smell burning plastic/wires. Have her try again and a puff of smoke comes center of the engine compartment, again burning wires smell. I take out the whole intake, fuel injectors, intake manifold, I remove the starter, have it tested, its shot. Bought a re-man starter, put everything back together and try again, barely turns over once. Try to jump it again and once again it gives more of an attempt (you can tell the new starter is at least cranking) but still it wont start. I charged my battery overnight (it took the charge no prob) and this morning I cranked it a ton and it wont start. I heard a sputter of the engine wanting to start a couple times but it just wouldn't take.

I'm kind of at a loss at this point. I don't think its my battery because it took the charge.. Maybe there is a short in the system somewhere? I'm positive I hooked the ground cable back up..

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for taking the time to read.


EDIT: Engine light has been on forever.. checked days before this happened and its throwing (2) codes - P2004 & P0700.

EDIT2: Remembering now while reading my post back to myself.. it was having some trouble starting in the last week leading up to this. (would crank 5-7 times before starting instead of the usual 3-4)
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