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Battery Acts Dead

Just bought a used 2019 Nissan Rogue with 20k miles. A few days ago, it acted like the battery was dead, ie no lights, no horn, and had to jump start it. The stealer diagnosed the battery was the problem and swapped it out. Same thing happened last evening, no lights, no horn, no instrument lights. Jump started it and it fired right up without any charging time. My commute is 35 miles one way. It started the next morning without any drama. The no electricity issue is repetitive. Almost seems like an issue I had with a Tarus that once shut down after turning on the AC. Turned out the blades on the 50 AMP main fuse had tarnished due to heat and high amperage. Does the Nissan have a main relay / fuse in the power system causing this? Or some other new fangled Electronic Power System Module where the battery needs to be calibrated to the Power module like in the BMW's?
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