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Re: Replacing intake gasket...

Originally Posted by tczer34
Bear with me as I talk through your directions....If i am looking at the fuel rail as it is attached to the lower intake manifold I see 2 main sections, imagine x axis front and back. They are connected permanately by a section on the left hand side, y axis. On the right hand side there is a return line, fuel pressure regulator (connected to front rail) and in back the feed line with an odd bolt that screws into the fuel rail. If I loosen that bolt isn't there a way to remove that feed line?

If I picture the way you describe i follow that Feed line down along the block but eventually I hit a plastic sleeved section.

Apparently I am lost.
The large line closest to the firewall is your inlet. I believe I used and adjustable wrench to remove it because I didn't have anything else large enough. This is the one with the O-ring. To loosen the other end, I removed the fuel regulator from the rail. The nut that I was referring to fastens the two fuel lines together with a small bracket to a stud on the side of the engine. Itís hard to see because itís in between the exhaust manifold and engine. Once this bracket is removed youíll have lots of freeplay in the lines. I believe the nut was an M8 (13mm socket). If all of these things are loose the lines should come out. You may have to give them a good tug. The rails will also give you lots of resistance. Although I hated doing it, I had to put a pry bar between the intake and fuel rail and pry like mad. Those dry injector seals donít like to budge.
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