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I use Syntek XFT, and I'm biased since I also sell it (full disclosure). However, I have noticed a remarkable increase in fuel economy in my cars (1998 Corolla and a 2008 Accent). And, it feels smoother and more powerful in the gas pedal. Also, my customers report the same. Two of XFT's main functions are to clean your fuel and combustion system, and to modify the rate at which the fuel burns so more of it is used more efficiently.

Anyway, all that is to say that yes, while cleaning your system may increase the power of your engine, it is mostly going to affect the efficiency and longevity of your motor. A catalyst type of additive is going to have more affect on your power. However, that does not necessarily mean an octane/cetane booster. For instance, XFT achieves better fuel efficiency, power and smoothness in part through a burn rate modifier that does not increase the specific gravity of the fuel, or the octane/cetane. This can be useful for some drivers who need to comply with certain regulations or manufacturer guidelines.

I hope this addition to the discussion helps some people.
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