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Re: Q45a Help with Radiator

Originally Posted by moonsgirl
I need help!!! I own a Q45a 1991 and the problem is overheating. I always make sure the car has antifreeze in it. Well when it over heated all of the antifreeze is gone. Bone Dry. I put some more in and the same thing happend. How can I check to see there are any leaks in the hoses. Fluid is not coming from radiator. I have owned the car for a couple of months and don't know much about this car and it would be nice to find a diagram of the whole engine. Can someone give me some adivdce please.
Overheating an all alloy engine is not a good thing.

Sounds like you need a genuine OEM radiator cap. Don't buy a genric 3rd party American automotive retailer version made in China. Not only do they fial, they are set at the wrong pressure.

Easy to check.

How are your timing chain guides?

For your suspension go to and read all of TexasOil's posts on
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