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Low Miliage

99 Honda Passport 2WD

Review the following,

Air Filter was just changed.

I was having the EGR valve error code issues, I cleaned the EGR pipe, and Check Engine light went off ages ago, so I assume the EGR is clean to a extent.

Before I upgraded sound system's 250w amp, 2 12in subs, 400 max power x2 = 800w.

Before I got new tires, nothing special just needed new tires, almost 100% sure there same size and tread.

Before I fixed my fuel guage (I think, could be wrong) it may have been ok after this. HOWEVER, when the fuel guage was fixed the fuel pump now has problems starting the car, Ive been told its a bad fuel regulator sensor.

Alternator and Battery are Ok.

No Check Engine Light.


My miliage is down to 13mpg, this was at 110miles with 30 of that being city driving and the rest highway. So if im not mistaken this is considerably low. So thats basically 14mpg on highway?

My previous miliage was 14-16 city, and 18-20 highway.

I listen to my music almost all the time, and not to be shy, with the subs hitting hard.

I read the FAQ, and it mentioned a possible bad battery or alt. Could the fact that my subs are on all the time using enough juice (to effect the idle of the engine) cause lower gas miliage?

Also, Jiffy Lube, recommended it was time for a Fuel Injector Clean. Ive gone at least 18-20K since ive owned this vehicle for 1 year. And it hasn't been done.

My Mechanic is going to replace spark plugs on tuesday. Anything I should recommend him to look at?

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