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Sparco Seat install

Super Stret did a good job on the install and explaining it. Some things they don't mention is that the bolts and nuts don't come with the seat. You will hav eto swing by Lowe's or another hardware shop and pick some up. You will need 12 8mm bolts with a thread pitch of 1.25, and 8 nuts to fit on these. I got 4 bolts like that with a screw head to make it easier to bolt to the seat itself and the rest just regular bolts. The hardest part of the install is taking off the stock seatbelt. It's a large socket used, 1/2 and you have to really try on it without stripping the head. Once that is off everything else is a breeze. The seatbelt warning light harness under the seat must be unpluged before you can take the stock seat out of the car and make sure to plug it in when you get the Sparco seat in. Oh, lastly if you have a grinder you might want to grind off the tab on the bottom of the seatbelt harness that will be a pain on the install, if you are using stock seatbelts. Hope this helps, peace
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