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Re: planning on buying a 01 frontier

I wouldn't get an '01 Frontier. I have owned a CC 4x4 SE since new and am planning on trading it in. Too many defects, which seem to be common since I always find the solution on these boards.

1. Both windows started having trouble going up and down (25,000 miles) and would make horrible rattle when they were only half way down. I got it fixed under warranty, then it was recalled.
2. The Blower Motor Resistor went out around 50,000 miles. Very common problem.
3. Also around 50,000 Miles the ABS light came on, don't know what is wrong yet. Again this seems to be a common problem.
4. Around 60,000 Miles the knock sensor went bad. I don't know what it does but is is expensive and was somewhat difficult to repair.
5. Radio doesn't work on cold mornings. This one has only happened a few times, but under 10 degrees the radio just won't turn on??? No idea why.
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