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Re: Re: Re: PistonHeads owner speaks up! A must-read.

Originally Posted by -DeaDLocK-
great he has had his coming out

he wrote:
"I don't know if I was sweating; I'll ask a friend who was there. Beforehand I was unsettled because, although up until the day before I had been quite relaxed, the night before I had a drink with a friend who lives near Frankfurt. This man is a master driver, has driven F1s a lot and has balls the size of coconuts (so I've been told, that is). Anyhow, he implored me not to do the run because he was convinced that at around 330kph the car becomes aerodynamically unstable. The fact that this gentleman once shunted an F1 at, er, 330kph along the same piece of Autobahn where I would be doing my run gave his voice a certain credibility. But once you've started a project, you keep going, right?"

do you also think, that he's talking about thomas bscher???we all know about his speed.....

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