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Re: maxima stalls after deceleration, stalls at idle

carb cleaner is fine because it basically just gets rid of all the gunk that builds up. you could even use is as an oven cleaner if it wasnt for the ridiculously high flammability risk!

to clean the throttle plate, basically you just have to remove the air intake and maf sensor. if you know where your air filter is, basically follow it until the plastic parts stop and a metal engine part is. take off all the plastic stuff up to that part (should be like 3 parts-air filter, some tubing, maf sensor). this will expose the throttle plate. if you look in there, any black substances are not supposed to be there, so spray carb cleaner on it, let it soak for a minute, then wipe it off with a rag, or a qtip to really get in there. and thats it!! basically what happens is that this throttle plate pivots to let in air, and if there is alot of buildup it gets stuck, and not enough air is getting in, leading to a little bit of a rough ride...

as far as fixing the problem, i will find out if the o2 sensor is the culprit by tonight. expect a post by me tomorrow...

the reason i determined its my o2 sensor thats the problem is because my car always runs much better when it is cold, and about 5 mins into the drive you can notice a performance decline. this is because the o2 sensor doesnt 'kick in' until it is at the correct temp (around 600 F), which sometimes takes 5-10 minutes (but in newer models only a minute or less). but ill know for sure when i replace it...
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