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Re: Re: maxima stalls after deceleration, stalls at idle

Originally Posted by jattsta
i am having the same problem on my 99 max. i bought an o2 sensor and am replacing today, so i will let you know if that fixes the problem. $45 to clean the throttle body??? you could do it yourself in 10 minutes with a qtip and a $4 bottle of carb cleaner!!!!
Jattsa, u gotta holla. I've had this problem occasionally in my 00 stick but i feel the car just needed to warm up some mo'. OK, stupid question #1: we dont have carbeurators, got fuel injectors, but use carb cleaner.
Question #2: This is fix i'm lookin forward to, did u have this problem, stick, and did it resolve the problem or recognize perfomance gains.
#3 Kind enough to describe/instruct this process? Sh... I thought $45 wasn't badd!
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