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Re: hard to start when warm

I doubt it would be the fuel filter (if the filter is beginging to clog, this will show up under hard acceleration--not enough gas gets through). If your V6 is fuel injected, I don't have any idea what your problem is. If it is carbureted, I would suspect the choke. The engine is hot, and the choke is open. You let it sit a while and the engine cools a little, but the choke is still open, in which case the mixture is too lean for starting. Or it could be the opposite: the choke has closed as it cools a little and the engine is warm, and when you try to start it it floods. If this is the case, when it does start you will probably get a puff of smoke out the exhaust from all that extra gas. Try this next time you are in that situation: pump the throttle once before you twist the key. This will give the choke a chance to reset, and it will shoot a little stream of gas into the intake. If this works, the choke was too open for the situation. If it doesn't work, you probably flooded the engine even worse, and you will have to adjust that choke. good luck
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