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Re: maxima stalls after deceleration, stalls at idle

I had the same symptoms with my 93 ve dohc. The car had no error codes but it would stall constantly. It was as if the key was turned off. I checked the coil packs, changed the fuel pump, monitored the voltage to the pump while driving but couldn't find the problem. The car was at the point it wasn't driveable. My local dealer stated without even checking the car that the timing belt was bad (this car has a timing chain). He then claimed it must be that the throttle body needed cleaning. I got the car to sto stalling. I did three things at one time so I'm not sure which was the solution. 1) changed O2 sensor ngk 24064, 2) installed a ground strap from the engine to the body, 3) cleaned the two + wire connectors near the battery post. I believe it was the O2 sensor but as I said I can't be sure. Don't be overcharged for the sensor I saw prices from $50 to $108 for the same sensor. The ngk 24064 is OE identical.
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