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Re: maxima stalls after deceleration, stalls at idle

Originally Posted by vgk
1992 maxima
- Engine stalls sometimes during deceleration, sometimes when stopped at idle. sometimes will stumble at idle and recover.
- Sometimes will stumble under moderate acceleration, especially up hills.
- When the engine quits, I can immediately restart it, normally, just as if nothing is wrong. The car may run fine for awhile, or quit again.

The dealer could find nothing wrong, but I don't know if he checked the error codes on the ecu - anybody have a similar problem and solve it?
Hi I have been having same problem with 1996 nissian. My Maxima has had spark plugs,3 rear ignitions coils and crank case sensor replace by a service company. When stop or idle it will shut off without notice like if someone turn ignition off. It will start right back up may work good for a while. I was told the crank case sensor was burned and that the coils were arching. Which I now think after 3 attempts by the same company they are giving me the shaft. I then took car to a nissan dealership the checkengine light came on right before taking to them. It had never came on before. Nissian Replace a Sensor-Booster, Mass Air Flow Ctrl, and valve assembly control. They kept it for 3 days driving and testing no engine light came on. After driving from dealership 8 miles check engine light is coming on again and I am out $1000. Also my car idle seems high. Without gas pedal depress my car is going 17mph on a flat surface. In park idle is 1200rpm. What is normal? Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also could the be the TPS sensor causing the problem?
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