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Re: What I have done wrong? Clear coat related...

Originally Posted by CFarias View Post
Try leaving the body in 91% alcohol overnight. It should strip all the paint and primer off nicely enough for you to start over and save the model....
Thanks for the tips, I might try that.

Originally Posted by stevenoble View Post
The clear has 'burned' the colour layer. It's softened it to the point where it has become wet again and then flowed into the wet clear layer. Then all the metallic particles have pooled up. That's why you have that colour shift and patchy finish. The Tamiya TS-13 is renowned as being a hot clear. It can cause decals to melt also. Don't stress, you can strip the paint off with ipa and repaint. If you use the same clear again go very light and allow time between coats..
Interesting! Next time, should I use a different kind of clear coat? Any recommandation?

Thanks guys for all the good info!
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