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Be careful to get parts via eBay's sellers

Hi all, just wanna share an unforgettable experience in getting a trans oil cooler and more impressive is, how eBay aligns with their hot merchants, regarding the refund issues.

I ordered this item:

And, after a lot of effort, removed the old one and installed that. The fixing clip is not well fitted, comparing with the original BMW one. Images for reference:

The quality is far below from bottomline for delivery, so after discussion with that seller, mutually agreed to get into refund process (also already doing within 30 days money back period). Once the returned item had gone onto their hand, they didn't refund money but most surprisingly, eBay also accordingly told me, my refund is invalid and no money back, and my transaction record was DISAPPEARED too.

That's 100% true and Any feedbacks are welcome. They got back my purchase and holding it, erasing my buying record. WTF!? No difference from thief. Please be careful.
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