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Re: Car modeling... confessions

Originally Posted by icon_modeler View Post
Or you think, "I should get a spare set of decals just in case",,,,, I have spare sets of decals for spare sets of decals if that makes any since.
xzibit's meme would definitely be happy with you

i also confess to using 1000, 1500, 2000 grit then straight to rubbing compound and wax when finishing up paintjobs. that usually ends up with raised/hard edges having sanded off paint (fortunately, i've so far had this only with black).

and back then when i had this lanevo obsession, i snapped up a ton of fujimi's lanevo7 kits - i'd complain about how they may have a racecar exterior (ex: advan piaa lanevo7) but have a street-spec suspension, floorpan and cockpit, and yet still buy another one once i'm done building it, then complain about it again ("what?! same parts, just different plastic, different rims and decals?")... fortunately for me the local hobby shops nearby didn't buy more of them kits and i was only buying kits online back then for old macross kits (which i ended up selling all of them except 3 small kits since i didn't have time to build them)
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