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Re: Twin-turbo Skyline engine in an NSX....

Originally Posted by AudioGuy93DelSol
First off, it's basically impossible because the NSX is a mid-engine rear drive vehicle, whereas the Skyline is a front-engine rear drive vehicle. The transmissions are set up for completely different cars so it wouldn't work.
although i basically agree with the rest of your post, in this part, you arent correct. Im not going to argue the technicalities of it; however, space confinements aside, this has been done already. The Tommy Kaira ZZII uses an RB26 with upgraded turbos in an MR setup that still uses the AWD capability of the RB26. I cant say for sure if the tranny is the same, but it has been done nonetheless...

Make: Tommy Kaira
Model: 2003 ZZ2
Powertrain Layout: Mid-engine / 4WD
Base Price: $100,000 +
Weight: 1000 kg / 2204.6 lbs
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