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What if engine check light turns on and turn off again?


I have a VW polo 2002 1.4 benzene. I went on a long route 600kms drive in a day with speed of around 100-120km per hour. I was driving in midway my steering became hard, steering light turned on. I stopped the car, opened bonut, there was some fumes coming from battery. I stopped for few minutes. Turned off the car and turned on again, all the lights were off in dashboard and steering was working fine. I drove at very slow speed to backhome somehow. Now i started next day, the start of car was not normal. The starting sound was not powerful, seemed like battery was not giving power, but somehow it started. I checked again, it started but with not normal start. I felt battery power is low. Now all the lights on dashboard are off and steering is also working fine. What could be the problem?
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