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Re: 2005 Yukon Denali slight coolant leak at Y connector

Update Sept. 12, 2018: 75 miles from home, again with trailer and horse, Yukon at standstill, almost at same exact place as in May 2018. Got there, diagnosed the issue as cracked heater hose inlet connection at the firewall, coolant was lost. This connector was 2 years old and replaced by mechanic as part of the Y-hose replacement 2 years ago, I was pi$$ed !!! Luckily, I had a too-large 3/4 inch "tee" connector with cap in the Yukon left over from a Prestone radiator flush kit from an earlier vehicle but was able to loosen the hose clamps on the two hoses, break the stub of the broken connector out, and squeeze the 5/8 hoses over the Prestone tee and get the system sealed. Added water and coolant, no engine damage, able to drive home fine. What a poor design, plastic quick connects there !!!

Metal hose barb and traditional hose clamps would be must more robust !!! Thanks, GM.

One of the others on the ride was able to drive 30 miles from opposite direction to pick up Mrs. Cusser and the horse and trailer, for those worried.
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