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Cusser's 2005 Yukon Denali thread

I replaced the front brake pads Sept. 2016.

I did NOT check the pad thickness on the rear brakes then, as I had replaced the rear pads in 2012. That was a bad decision, rear right brake started making a noise Tuesday, turns out a rear pad had been worn and the steel back was making contact with the rotor. I had been used to fronts wearing out 2 or 2.5 times faster than the rears, but maybe because Mrs. Cusser tows a horse and brakes on Interstate downhills these wore out faster. Turning charge was $15 (the original GM rotors), and O'Reilly upgraded me from Wagner Thermo Quiet to Wagner OEX975 for $3, as the pads were lifetime warranty.

By the way: those rear pads did last 66K miles. Those wheels/tires are so heavy that it's not easy to mount them; also, it had aftermarket/upgraded wheels when we got it (2010) so narrow deep 13/16inch socket required for the lug nuts.
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