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Re: 2005 Yukon Denali slight coolant leak at Y connector

Mechanic repaired this a few weeks ago, and I report that not one drop has leaked, a real pleasure to see that the coolant level in the reservoir remained at same level after a few weeks, and a trip 120 miles away towing the horse.

Yesterday, I bought a 1/2-inch click type torque wrench at Harbor freight for $9.99 (had special coupon) to complement my 3/8-inch one I used for the B2200 rebuild back in 2011. So I used that today for the Torx 55 bolts on the brake calipers of the 2005 Yukon as I replaced the front brake pads BEFORE they caused rotor damage or need to regrind/replace. I used Wagner OEX785 from Rock Auto, $41 delivered but $71 + tax at local O'Reilly, so comparable savings to brake pads from Rock as on my daughter's 1998 Pathfinder. I also used the new torque wrench on its lug nuts.

I had read that some have trouble R&R on the Torx 55 caliper bolts, and that there's a replacement kit with hex bolts; but mine removed readily (I assume at 172K that the pads were replaced before we bought it 6 years ago), one good thing about living in Arizona. Torque on those is 74 ft-lbs, and I used blue Loctite. I also used the new torque wrench on the lug nuts.
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