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Cusser's 2005 Yukon Denali thread

2005 Yukon Denali, 6.0 engine. I finally tracked down a slight cooling leak that was bugging me for a few months, as I had to add coolant regularly. The leak is coming from this plastic Y connector at the plastic crimp hose clamp thing the red arrow is on.

Of course, the replacement part comes with hoses, and one of those attaches to the firewall with a special connector, and apparently the fitting at the firewall is breakable. It looks something like this, and retails for about $40 Gates 22554

So does anyone KNOW if I could simply slit with Dremel tool/cut/break the plastic "hose clamp" part the red arrow points to, break that away/remove that, and then simply use a standard hose clamp on the fitting to seal this?? I'm assuming that there must be some sort of hose barb on that plastic Y, so that the plastic hose clamp thing will hold.

Thanks. I figure this would be a $200 repair at the shop for a new assembly, new coolant, labor etc. If a Y-shaped coolant Y or tee with 3/4 x 3/4 x 1 inch was available for this, that would work if I cut off all the hose ends.

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